🌞 ENS Summer: 0% fee on new listings!

1. Bulk Registration

Gas savings:

Bulk Registration currently saves around 30% gas usage over the ENS dApp.


Our bulk register contract is using the ENS contract function register() and not registerWithConfig() that the ENS dApp uses by default to mint names. registerWithConfig() sets the default resolver for a name in the same transaction. register() does not set the default resolver for a name in the same transaction.


The default resolver is what links your eth address to the name for receiving payments, nfts, as well as setting the TEXT records of an ENS name. Such as content, URL, avatar, and email records for a given name. You still own the name however and are the owner of the actual token itself. By not setting the default resolver we save 30% in gas cost but also can not set the records mentioned above (content, URL, avatar, email, etc) and can not receive eth or other payments sent to the name. It is strictly &quotowned&quot by the buyer, who can now resell the name on markets such as opensea, looksrare, x2y2. The same as they would if they purchased a name from the ENS dApp.


20% fee of the total of all names is charged as a fee for ens.vision to continue to provide support and new features.

(GAS usage with ENS dApp for one name: 257,858

Transaction stuck on &quotpending&quot:

If your transaction was successfully confirmed but ens.vision is still showing &quotCommit/Register Tx pending&quot it is safe to refresh (F5) ens.vision without you losing the cart or the transaction state. This will in most cases clear the pending state and resolve the issue.

2. WARNING: Contains non-ASCII characters

Please be aware that there are characters that look identical or very similar to English letters, especially characters from Cyrillic and Greek. Also, traditional Chinese characters can look identical or very similar to simplified variants. See here for more information.

3. ENS Vision Marketplace

ENS.Vision uses Reservoir, a decentralized market protocol.


ENS Vision collects a basic sales fee of 1.5% on all ENS Vision sales. No additional fee will be added on sales that were executed on a 3rd party marketplace like OpenSea, Looksrare, Rarible, or X2Y2. (Marketplace-specific fees are applied only)


At the moment only offers are supported that were issued on ENS.Vision.